Cuisine is a collection of plugins that, all used together make WordPress development a lot more easy and fun. The three core plugins are:

Documentation for these three plugins, and extendsions on those plugins can be found on this page.


PHP >= 5.4. Check with php -v.

Carte Blanche - Starter Theme

If you want to create a theme with Cuisine, we recommend starting out with our starter theme called Carte Blanche.

It’s a completely empty theme, but with the right files scaffolded, a nice and clean folder structure, Grunt all setup with Browsersync and Bourbon + Neat. to handle your grid system. It works great out-of-the-box with Cuisine.

Crouton - Starter Plugin

If you’re in this for plugin development we recommend you use our starter plugin. It doesn’t do anything, but the files and folders are neatly structured and it contains examples for creating post-types, taxonomies, adding scripts and sass-files to the asset-pipeline and more good stuff.

Find Crouton here.


  • Completely OOP
  • Field- Metaboxbuilders
  • Asset pipeline for Sass files and Scripts
  • Quickly add new Post Types, Taxonomies and Routing
  • Cleans up the eventual HTML output
  • Some handy shortcodes ( buttons, google analytics event links, etc. )