Attachment Metaboxes

Attachments in WordPress do sometimes require some extra meta-data. In Cuisine, creating custom fields for attachments becomes an extremely easy task. Just like our other metaboxes, the Attachment-Metabox object can take an array of field-objects which are validated and saved automatically.

The Metabox class is available through Cuisine’s Wrapper System, so you can start using it by adding

use Cuisine\Wrappers\AttachmentMetabox

to the top of your php-document.

Creating an Attachment Metabox

Creating a new attachment metabox with a few custom fields is fairy straightforward. Let’s look at an example:

$fields = array(
	Field::text( 'name', 'Label' ),
	Field::text( 'name-2', 'Label' )

AttachmentMetabox::make()->set( $fields );

In contrast to our other metabox classes, you don’t have to provide a title or slug for this metabox, since attachments don’t really display custom fields in seperate boxes. Let’s break down the code above anyway:

AttachmentMetabox::make() is the function we use to prop up our Metabox. set() actually registers it with WordPress. It takes an array of Field Objects.