User Metaboxes

Users have meta-data, just as posts and terms. With User Metaboxes in Cuisine, it’s become very easy to create new custom fields for user-profiles.

The User Metabox class is available through Cuisine’s Wrapper System, so you can start using it by adding

use Cuisine\Wrappers\UserMetabox

to the top of your php-document.

Creating a User Metabox

Creating a new metabox with a few custom fields is fairy straightforward. Let’s look at an example:

$fields = array(
	Field::text( 'twitter-username', 'Twitter Username' ),
	Field::text( 'facebook-username', 'Facebook Username' )

UserMetabox::make( 'Social media' )->set( $fields );

Let’s break that down:

UserMetabox::make() is the function we use to prop up our Metabox. set() actually registers it with WordPress. It takes an array of Field Objects or can alternatively take a call to a static php function (see the next example).

The parameter passed down to the make-function is a label, which will be displayed on the top of your UserMetabox.

Creating custom User Metabox layouts

Instead of passing an array of Field Objects you can also just call a static function:

	UserMetabox::make( 'My Metabox' )->set( '\\MyNameSpace\\MyClass::metabox' );

namespace MyNameSpace;
class MyClass{

	//here's our custom HTML:
	public static function metabox(){

		echo 'Hi from the metabox!';